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Exercises for osteoarthritis of the shoulder

by Zero Arthritis

Exercises for osteoarthritis of the shoulder

Shoulder arthritis generally refers to damage to the smooth cartilage that covers the ends of the bones. The cartilage gets worn away, causing the rough bone ends to rub against each other. Irregular motion and bone spurs along with inflammation can result in pain and loss of motion in the shoulder.

Exercise can be a useful way to help manage arthritis symptoms, but it’s important to be careful with certain activities. Shoulder arthritis can be aggravated by heavy lifting or overhead activities. Regular exercise of the shoulder muscles can help reduce pain, support healthy cartilage, as well as increase range of motion and function.

In this video, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist Danielle McCormack provides an overview of osteoarthritis of the shoulder, then talks you through a series of shoulder exercise demonstrations including range of motion, stretching, strengthening, as well as scapular muscles stabilization exercises.

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